Is a Tooth Abscess an Emergency?

Is a Tooth Abscess an Emergency?

A tooth abscess is one of the most common dental emergencies. If you’ve noticed the symptoms of an abscess, you need to get treatment as soon as possible.

Left unchecked, the abscess can lead to several complications that could affect both your oral and overall health.

Keep reading this short blog post to learn more about a tooth abscess, and what to do if you have one.

What Is a Tooth Abscess?

An abscess is a pocket full of bacteria that usually forms because of a tooth infection. Sometimes, the abscess is visible and will look like a small pimple on the gums.

But an abscess can also form inside the tooth, under the gum tissue, or even inside the bone. Here are some other symptoms you may experience if you have a tooth abscess:

Over time, the abscess attacks the tooth and can even cause irreparable damage, such as permanent tooth loss. Moreover, the infection can also spread to nearby tissues, like the gums or even the jaw bone.

In extreme cases, a tooth abscess can also lead to sepsis, a life-threatening condition that presents with a high fever, chills, and rapid heartbeat. In these cases, you need to call 911 as soon as possible for emergency medical treatment.

What to Do If You Have an Abscess

The only way to treat a tooth abscess is at the dentist. Some at-home measures can help ease your discomfort to a degree, like taking Ibuprofen, but they will not treat the underlying tooth infection.

Once you see a Farragut emergency dentist, you may need any of the following treatments:

How Confident Smiles & Implants Can Help

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