Is A Root Canal Considered To Be A Dental Emergency? Yes – Here’s Why!

Is A Root Canal Considered To Be A Dental Emergency? Yes – Here’s Why!

If you think your tooth is infected and that you need a root canal in Knoxville, you may be wondering if you should see an emergency dentist. Does a root canal count as a dental emergency?

The answer is “yes!” If you think you need a root canal, this is a serious dental emergency. So give Confident Smiles & Implants a call at (813) 957-4891 to schedule your same-day appointment now, and get the treatment you need right away.

Why Do Root Canals Count As Dental Emergencies? Explaining The Basics

There are a lot of reasons that root canals count as dental emergencies, and require immediate treatment from a dentist like Dr. Luis or Dr. Tori Mariusso. Here are just a few of them:

What Are The Signs That I Have An Infected Tooth And Need A Root Canal? 

Are you not sure whether or not you have an infected tooth? Here are the top signs that you have a tooth infection and need an emergency root canal in Knoxville. 

Contact Confident Smiles & Implants Today For Same-Day Care In Farragut

Our team is proud to offer emergency dental care in Knoxville. We offer immediate care, as well as dental sedation to keep you comfortable and eliminate your pain. Dr. Tori and Dr. Luis Mariuosso are experienced emergency dentists, and are standing by to provide you with the same-day care you need. Contact us at (813) 957-4891 to speak to our team and get the assistance you need.