Dental Implants Cost: What Should I Expect?

Dental Implants Cost: What Should I Expect?

If you have missing teeth and are thinking about getting dental implants in Farragut, you may be curious about the costs. Dental implants are, indeed, a costlier option than other teeth replacement treatments, such as bridges.

In this article, we will tell you how much you can expect to pay for dental implants and if they are worth it.  

How Much Will Dental Implants Cost You

It's difficult to give an exact price as every situation is different. The cost will be influenced by the type of dental implant you need and the complexity of the procedure.

Here are some of the factors that can influence dental implants cost:

Based on all these factors, your dentist will give you an estimate of the total cost of dental implants.

The Type of Dental Implants Will Also Influence The Cost

As we said, the number and type of dental implant you are getting plays a big role in the price you will pay.

The different types of dental implants include:

Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

It may seem like a costly option, but it's better to see dental implants as an investment in your oral health. Unlike other teeth replacement options, the implant can last you a lifetime while the crown has an average lifespan of about 15-20 years.  

But, most importantly, dental implants stimulate your jawbone and promote bone density growth. That alone can prevent a wide variety of problems that can cost money, time, and your well-being.  

Start Your Dental Implant Journey Now!

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