Dental Implant Timeline: What To Expect

Dental Implant Timeline: What To Expect

Dental implants are one of our specialties at Confident Smile & Implants. They're in our name, after all! But if you’re considering an implant in Farragut or the Greater Knoxville area, you may not know exactly what to expect.

It can take anywhere from 6-12 months to get an implant, depending on your oral health and the specifics of your treatment plan. What happens during this time? In this blog, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process so that you’ll know what to expect.

1. Initial Consultation

To begin the process, you’ll need to see Dr. Luis or Dr. Tori Mariusso for an implant consultation. They’ll perform a thorough oral exam to make sure you’re a good candidate for treatment. After your consultation, they will begin developing your surgical plan.

(Optional Step) Performing Pre Treatment Surgeries

You may need additional surgeries before your treatment begins. For example, you may need an unhealthy tooth to be extracted before it’s replaced with an implant. Or, if your jaw bone is too weak for an implant, you may need a bone graft. Dr. Tori or Dr. Luis will discuss any necessary treatments and schedule them after your consultation.

2. Placing Your Dental Implant

A few weeks after your initial appointment at our office, you’ll come back to have your implant surgically placed into your gums and jaw. The dental implant is a small piece of titanium, which will heal and permanently bond with your jaw bone, functioning as an artificial tooth root.

3. Healing, Recovery, And Osseointegration

After your surgery, it will take about 1-2 weeks to heal. Dr. Tori or Dr. Luis will give you a set of instructions to follow as you recover. You’ll need to follow them closely to make sure you avoid any potential complications after your surgery.

It will take up to 3-6 months for your implant to “osseointegrate.” This is the process that permanently bonds the metal implant to your jaw, stabilizing it sufficiently to support a dental implant restoration. You’ll come in for follow-ups at our office so that we can check on your progress.

4. Building Your Dental Implant Restoration

During your follow-ups at Confident Smiles & Implants, Dr. Luis or Dr. Tori will also start measuring and fitting you for your dental restoration, such as a dental crown for a single-tooth implant. Your restoration will attach to your implant and permanently restore your missing tooth.

5. Attaching Your Implant Abutment

A couple of weeks before your final appointment, you’ll need to come in for a quick surgery to expose your dental implant and attach an “abutment.” This is a fast and simple procedure. The abutment is a small piece of metal that attaches to the implant, and attaches the implant to your dental restoration.

6. Placing Your Dental Implant Restoration

Once your mouth is fully healed and your abutment has been placed, you’ll come back to our office for one final procedure. Dr. Luis or Dr. Tori will check the fit of your dental crown or other implant restoration, then attach it to your implant permanently. You’ll be sent home to enjoy your beautiful new smile.

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