Can My Teeth Shift After Getting Dental Implants?

Can My Teeth Shift After Getting Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a popular solution to replace missing teeth and give people their smiles back. But as common as these procedures are, it can still be hard to find comprehensive information about it. A consultation with Dr. Luis or Dr. Tori Mariusso will help you alleviate any worries, and get you comfortable and well informed about the procedure.

There are common questions regarding dental implants and this blog will focus on one:

Will dental implants cause your teeth to shift?

Dental Implants Can Make You Think Your Teeth Are Shifting

If you’ve been dealing with missing teeth for a while, your mouth has already adjusted. In some cases, missing teeth can cause the rest of your teeth to shift inward toward the gap.

As a result, right after you get a dental implant in Farragut, it can feel as if the implant doesn’t really “fit”. Rest assured it has been custom-made for your smile. Your mouth will just need a bit of time readjusting to your implant.

This usually happens in just a few days, but it does make some patients a bit concerned that their teeth are shifting. Instead, think of it this way; your teeth are just getting used to the new implant.

Rare Cases of Teeth Shifting After Implants

Unfortunately, it is possible, albeit very rare, for your teeth to shift after getting a dental implant.

This usually occurs in cases where the procedure itself was unsuccessful. Implant failure can lead to soreness and discomfort, which can last for days or even weeks. A likely reason for this is peri-implantitis, where the tissue surrounding the implant becomes infected.

Over time, the infection spreads to the rest of your teeth, actually causing them to shift or even become loose.

What to Do If Your Teeth Shift After Dental Implant Surgery

If you experience pain and discomfort days after your surgery and suspect your teeth might be shifting, the best thing you can do is see a dentist right away.

While implant failure is highly unlikely, it is important to remain on the side of caution and get the implant properly inspected. If it is peri-implantitis, the dentist can clean the implant site and remove infected tissue before it spreads to the rest of your teeth.

In any case, swift action is essential to prevent the issue from getting worse.

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