Can a Root Canal Be Done Through a Crown?

Can a Root Canal Be Done Through a Crown?

A dental crown plays two key roles:

  1. To protect a tooth
  2. To restore the tooth's aesthetics and functionality

Now, picture this: You started experiencing some pain around your dental crown and found out that you have a cavity. The doctors at Confident Smiles & Implants now say that you need a root canal in Farragut. But, is such a thing even possible? Can you get a root canal through a dental crown?

Here's what you need to know.

Aren't Dental Crowns Supposed to Protect My Tooth?

That's true, dental crowns are usually placed on damaged or decayed teeth to protect them. But, that doesn't mean that dental crowns are indestructible. If you neglect your oral hygiene, bacteria will eventually find their way under the crown and attack the remaining tooth tissues and nerves. As they eat their way toward the pulp, you will experience increased pain and discomfort.

So, Can a Root Canal Be Done Through a Crown?

The good news is that a root canal can be done through an existing crown, but one of the requirements is that the decay is caught early. So, if you are experiencing any signs of an infection, such as sensitivity to hot or cold, pain, swelling, or discoloration, get in touch with Dr. Luis or Dr. Tori Mariusso right away to minimize the damage.

In addition to this, the dentist will also check other factors such as the condition of the crown, the tooth's structural integrity, and so on to establish the viability of the procedure.

If Dr. Luis or Dr. Tori Mariusso determined that the root canal can be done through the crown, they will drill a small hole through it to access the root canal. Once the root canal treatment is completed, the dentist will seal the hole in the crown.

Keep in mind that even if the dentist determines that the root canal can be done, there's always a risk that the crown will be damaged beyond repair during treatment. In this case, you will need a new crown to protect the tooth.

How to Protect a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are made to last for many years. Even so, they can still get damaged if not cared for properly. Moreover, the tooth underneath is not invincible either and can be exposed to decay. The good news is that taking care of dental crowns is fairly easy:

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